Vertical Ufo Recorded By A Woman In Mexican State Of Baja

An astonishing new video that appears to show an unidentified flying object or UFO hovering over Mexico is causing a firestorm online. The footage, embedded at the bottom of this post, was captured by a woman who was driving in Baja California when she noticed the strange UFO, and was able to pull out her phone and record a few seconds of video of its strange motions.

The video was hailed as more evidence of aliens by UFO “expert” Pedro Ramirez, who shared the video and told the Daily Mail that this footage shows that aliens are monitoring recent rocket launches into space. He also says it’s a sign that aliens are becoming increasingly concerned about human behavior.

It is true that NASA and SpaceX have been ramping up rocket launches, with one such launch causing mass speculation of a UFO when it created a bizarre vapor cloud over Los Angeles. SpaceX wants to make it easier and cheaper to go into space.

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