Film Review: ‘Proud Mary’

In this review, I’m going to mimic Proud Mary’s structure by giving you no setup and speeding right into what I think are the good parts — like the mind-blowingly good cinematography. I have no idea how the studio convinced Dan Laustsen to DP this lackluster, humdrum action melodrama, but I imagine it was with the same catnip they used to lure me into the theater: Taraji P. Henson, one of our greatest actors, playing a badass assassin. Really, no further information was really made public, including that the entirety of the story would revolve around a twelve-year-old boy named Danny (Jahi Di’Allo Winston), for whom Mary (Henson) develops maternal feelings, a plotline that yields no emotional resonance because it’s improperly set up from the first scene. It’s a sad day when the cinematographer carries the full burden of storytelling, but in this instance, it’s also at least a wonderful opportunity to marvel at Laustsen’s work.

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