An Alien Invasion? Locals Capture Eerie Footage Of UFOs Flying Over Bristol (but There May Be A Simple Explanation)

Two clips were captured on different days by Bristol residents 

  • One shows mysterious lights moving horizontally across the sky at Kingswood 

  • Another, filmed a few days before in Fishponds, shows a dull light in the night sky

  • Some claim that the lights are proof that an alien invasion is imminent 

  • One paranormal expert says they are man-made satellites or Chinese lanterns

  • By Harry Pettit For Mailonline >

    Published: 15:22 GMT, 4 September 2017 | Updated: 16:28 GMT, 4 September 2017


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    An alien invasion? Locals capture eerie footage of UFOs flying over Bristol (but there may be a simple explanation)
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